Event: 'Sun Party' Print
  Continuing Education
Date: Saturday, February 22, 2014 - 1:00 pm
Duration: 2 Hours
Contact Info:
Call (315) 673-1350 to register.
Email: info@baltimorewoods.org

Our sun is the nearest star and is often overlooked by those who watch the night skies. The sun has been at its peak activity this past year with an abundance of sunspots, solar flares, and other features that are fascinating to watch and can also move and change shapes within several minutes. Come out and observe the sun through specially-filtered telescopes and see what it looks like up-close and personal. A great way to warm up on a winter afternoon! Back-up date Feb 23rd. $5 for members, $15/family; $8 for nonmembers, $25/family.