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Commercial Business Districts

Skaneateles offers numerous opportunities for commercial and retail business. The landscape throughout both the town and the village is composed of retail stores, professional offices, and residential lots. In its five zones, the town offers a diverse array of industries, especially those relating to manufacturing and service. Many components of a resident's day are provided by businesses right here in Skaneateles. Additionally, including the Skaneateles School District, the village offers 11 zones.

Zoning regulations in effect have been established to ensure the health, safety, morals, and the general welfare of the community. Five zones have been defined within the town.

Below are maps which show zoning within the town and village areas.

Click here for the town zoning map.

To learn more about zoning in town through the Town of Skaneateles Building and Zoning office, please click here or call the office at either (315) 685-1384 or (315) 685-0833.

Click here for the village zoning map.

To learn more about zoning in the village through the Village of Skaneateles office, please click here or call the office at (315) 685-3007.